martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011


We went to the riverside every night of that summer. I can see her, beside me, lyng on the fluffy green grass. Her body, her sweet and tasty body. Fireflies flyng over us heads and the sound of the crickets filling the night buzzing so mighty.

Never touch us. Like if some "Don't touch" advice was write on our chests. But i was fall in love of her, I must say. Anyway, I never told her and we spent the nights just talking, laughting and watching in the eyes. Never talk about love, pretty pathetic, don't you think?

But I liked her short hair, her brown and asiatic eyes and adored the perfect líne of her eyebrows. I really loved that woman, God knows. One warm night, maybe was ending the season, she told me she have to go. I remember, Coltrane was sounded at the stereo of the car and sky was cloudy. I felt paralized and the place start turn upside down. A week from that moment, she gone.

With her, it was that way; she left you before comes.

2 comentarios:

  1. Nunca sabra lo que se perdio.Ahora tiene el mar a su lado, y tu el rio...llegar a la desembocadura no es dificil, pero tu ya nadaste suficiente,o no?..volverias a nadar lobo?..

  2. Precisamente tú deberías saber que nado muy bien...